Photo: Göran Petersson

Photo: Nils Fridén


I am a composer, sound artist, writer, singer, guitar player, arranger and more. Also artistic director of The Great Learning Orchestra and guest teacher in the art of listening. 


I am also a musician and singer in different constellations such as: FCOC (electric guitar), BAD LIVER (vocals, guitar, banjo and piano), THE STRING THEORY (acoustic and electric guitar), ABLE TO LAND (string instruments and electronics), RECON (acoustic and electric guitar).


I give lectures in the art of listening and how to cope with sounds in daily life. Please contact me if you are interested.

Full C.V. here


September, 2019

Working on a composition for a show based on stories from Boris Vian. Music for a quintet. Opens spring 2020.

September, 2019

Composing for a suburban opera opening spring 2020.

September, 2019

FCOC vinyl album "Fast Cheap and Out of Control"  is now mixed and mastered. Release dec 12 2019.

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