From the album REKON by REKON. 

Daniel Borgegård Älgå: bass clarinet

Leif Jordansson: Acoustic guitar

Excerpts from a concert celebrating Trollhättan's 100 years as a city. Composed by me and Martin Q Larsson for symphony orchestra, three choirs, electric guitar quintet and lots of soloists and guests.

From Bad Livers show: Nick Cave in swedish with translations of songs from "The Boatman's Call".

A composition based on Lennart Hellsing's text Moster Ester. Here with Bob Hansson as vocalist.

From the album Able to Land by Misok. 

Helena Persson: Zither with E-bows, vocals, field recordings

Leif Jordansson: Acoustic guitar with E-bow, organ, Kannel

A string quartet originally composed for Doktor Glas (Hjalmar Söderberg), with Krister Henriksson at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Later rearranged as a concert where the string quartet played together with sounds from the city.

Excerpts from a 30 min's film by Johan Löfstedt (Stavro Produktion)

Bad Liver playing the Tom Waits song "Telephone Call from Istanbul" in a swedish translation.

From the album REKON by REKON. 

Daniel Borgegård Älgå - bass clarinet

Leif Jordansson - guitar

Pelle Vallgren - drums

A collaboration with Peter Norrman and ElisabethWärnfeldt based on one idea from my book "...och konsten att lyssna" (...and the art of listening): Make art out of a place.

From Bad Liver's show "Problemorienterad underhållning" based on songs from Blå Tåget/Gunder Hägg

From the LJORD-album "The Earthis a Faraway Place". Guest vocals by Peter Lemarc. Video by Peter Norrman.